made here

At Empire Apothecary we hand make goods for the self and the home out of all natural materials. Whenever possible we source from within the United States. We are based in Brooklyn, NY.

in search of quality

Empire Apothecary was founded on the belief that all outcomes and experiences are direct products of personal choices. That intention and action result in what we call the collective now and that this life and this world are passing projections of the intentions we hold within.  

With this ethos in mind, we strive to produce goods that combine the abundance that nature provides with the demands we have constructed for our modern society. Our mission is to provide good people with great products; products that make life better, simpler, and more enjoyable. 

We want every person to join the Empire. To think about this life as a gift, an opportunity to love, to feel, to learn, to grow. We want every person to think less about how much money they make, and more about how much time they spend with those they love. We want our neighbors to care for one another without thought of repayment. We want to feel good in the bodies we've been so generously gifted. We want to experience all that we can in the passing flash that is life.

We want all people to seek quality, and in turn, to find it.